Students of History Association

History is one of the biggest and most significant field of study at the Faculty of Arts. It is virtually impossible for the hundreds students of history to meet and know each other. The association has been established to connect the students, crossing the boundaries between years and specializations; to help with issues that might come up during their studies; to create an environment for critical reflection of history and for various student activities. Our activities include a preparation course for high school applicants, a welcome weekend for first-year students, critical clubs discussing hot topics in history, reading seminars, film screenings and more. We also publish the magazineObscura twice a year. FFabula is a member of ISHA (International Students of History Association) and we actively participate in informal meetings of Czech and Slovak associations of history students. Feel free to contact us or join any of our events whether you are an exchange student currently in Prague or anyone who plans to come to Prague, either seeking advice or just wanting to meet up.